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You need to be aware of some basic facts about Delaware before moving from North Dakota or any other US state. Delaware was one of the earliest states that were ratified by the US constitution in the year 1787. Since it was a small state, it earned the nickname of The Small Wonder. However, later it earned the title of The Diamond State because Thomas Jefferson called it the land of “jewel” due to its proactive location on the Eastern Seaboard.

Delaware is also referred to as the Blue Hen State due to its unique blue chicken breed which is the state bird as well as the official mascot of Delaware University. The northern border of the state is surrounded by Pennsylvania, the eastern border has New Jersey and the Atlantic Ocean while Maryland covers the western and southern border. The excellent roadways and well-laid railway tracks make it easy to shift your vehicle to Delaware from North Dakota.

North Dakota to Delaware vehicle shipping

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Job opportunities in Delaware

Delaware has plenty of blue-collared high-paid jobs in the medical field that are rising gradually in demand like surgeons, dentists, pediatricians, psychiatrists, and sales managers. The state also has some fast-growing careers like home health aides, electricians, business analysts, software developers, plumbers, carpenters, and registered nurse practitioners.

Accommodation in Delaware

Rental costs are moderate in the state with some very good apartments. There is plenty of new construction in the Blue Hen State along Bethany Beach, Dover, Rehoboth Beach, Milford, and Wilmington. This makes it easy for you to get good and decent accommodation in the state.

Pros of living in Delaware

Delaware is a suitable place for living and with amazing spots to visit and do lots of things in The Small Wonder.

  • It is one of the four states in the country that has no sales tax which is why the cost of living is decent.
  • The seaside sunrise and sunset offer a breathtaking view of the coastline.
  • The incredible beach-side towns in Delaware from South Bethany to Lewis and Fenwick Island are worth visiting.
  • The proximity to Philadelphia, Washington DC, and Atlantic City allows you to spend the weekend moving to the cities and have a gala time.

The thousands of amazing experiences in Delaware over North Dakota make it a great choice for living in the state. Move your stuff with home carriers and book a reputed auto transport company today to move your vehicle safely from North Dakota to Delaware.