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Many look to buy followers to boost their Instagram growth. But, low-quality fake followers damage your account. Thoroughly research companies and read reviews before purchasing followers. Look for consistent feedback that their followers are real-looking and active. Avoid providers making unbelievable guarantees or offering extremely cheap followers. When trying a new follower company, make your first purchase small – 500 to 1,000 followers. Monitor the quality before ordering more. Fake follower providers will send bots regardless of order size. Starting small allows you to assess if followers look real before spending more.

Focus on gradual growth

Real Instagram growth happens gradually over weeks and months, not overnight. If you suddenly gain 10k followers in one day, it looks extremely suspicious. High-quality providers use drip-feed delivery to reflect natural gradual growth patterns. Scrutinize the profile pictures, bios, usernames, posts, and engagements of your new followers. Fake accounts often have no profile photos, sparse bios, weird usernames (like strings of numbers/letters), and no posts. But, real profiles have detailed, professional-looking accounts.

Check follower engagement

Fake followers tend to be completely inactive on your posts. Monitor your engagement rate to see if your new followers like, comment, or interact with your content. Real followers should engage at a similar rate to the existing ones. Lack of engagement signals fake accounts. Browse the posts and stories of your new followers. Fake accounts rarely post content. Real users regularly share posts relevant to their interests. If your fashion page followers have no fashion-related posts, they are likely not real profiles. Genuine users follow accounts related to their interests. Check who your new followers are following. If it’s random or unrelated accounts, they are likely fake. For example, your yoga page followers should follow other wellness profiles, not gaming accounts.

Focus on targeted followers

Focus on followers targeted to your niche – like only purchasing beauty lovers for your beauty account. Targeted followers have relevant interests and behave naturally in your posts. Random followers are a red flag. Assess your new followers’ locations – fake accounts come from anywhere. Your ideal followers likely come from specific countries/cities. A yoga brand should gain followers in yoga hotspots. Irrelevant locations signal potential fakes. If buying followers from existing accounts, start by targeting inactive users – those not posting stories. Inactive accounts roused to follow you raise less red flags. Just make sure they have real-looking profiles. Avoid growing only with obvious fake accounts.

Building a natural-looking, engaged follower base takes time. Stick to gradual growth from high-quality sources versus overnight spikes from bots. With the right provider using drip-feed delivery, you can successfully grow your Instagram with authenticity. Buying followers works when done strategically. With the right approach, you buy real instagram followers that engage and benefit your brand.

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