what is eft?

EFT - Emotional Freedom Techniques, was devised by Stanford Engineer, Gary Craig, in the 90's. Based on the Chinese 5 element system used by acupuncturists, it taps on the ends of the 'meridians' - the flows of energy which go up and down the body. Acupuncturists insert their needles in these channels to release blockages. Acupressurists hold these points. EFT takes it a step further by tapping on the meridians while focusing on an issue. It breaks up blocks and allows the energy to flow once again, releasing years of unresolved emotions, for suppressed emotions are at the base of most physical illness.

medical statement

In fact, the conservative Center for Disease Control in Atlanta, Georgia, has recognized that emotions have a significant role in the etiology of disease. The Center acknowledges that over 85 percent have an emotional component, which is a very conservative estimate.*

EFT was created originally to reduce the time involved in talk therapy; seeking to collapse years into months or less. What they found was that it did just that, but it also relieved physical ailments as well. When we get in touch with those feelings which have been buried for years, acknowledge them, honor them, and then release them, we come closer to peace of mind. "Thoughts are Things" - when we forgive, love and see things with new persceptions, the negative energy dissolves. It's like the body is showing us, in physical form, what is 'dis-eased' in our emotional realm. EFT literally taps into the emotional field, seeing the physical as metaphorical statements, just asking to be recognized.

For example, one of my father's favorite statements to me as a child when I did something good was, "You're a good kid. No demand for good kids, but you're a good kid." It was said in jest, but it was said over and over, and now we know that those types of statements are calculated to wipe out a person's self esteem. Even tho I was a good girl, it still wasn't good enough! There's no demand for good kids! But, we'd laugh, and I'd take it as a left handed compliment. Years later, when I had my own child, one day he did something well and I started to say...."You're a good kid.......no de......." and it stuck in my throat. I realized right then that that seemingly innocuous statement was fraught with innuendo and control. By recognizing that recently, and tapping for it, I released a lifetime of self esteem issues. The experience didn't change, but my reaction to it did. I moved from being a participant in the story to being an observer, releasing the charge.

Every emotion we have is attributable to a specific organ/meridian of the body. The meridians are named after 10 organs, 2 processes (heat and cold), and 2 primary ones. They are channels of energy. Six go up and down the body, and six go and up down the arms. When we are fearful it affects our Kidneys. when we are angry it affects our Liver. When we are enraged, it affects our gall bladder. In this instance, when I've been rejected....I'm not good enough even tho I did something right!....it affects the Spleen. By resolving this issue, I release angst from the spleen and tolerate sugar better. Doesn't mean I should eat sugar, it now means I have choice whether to eat sugar or not; and I probably won't have the cravings as strong, and will not have the cravings at all at some point..

There are a lot of byproducts of tapping. While we are tapping for one issue, side effects drop by the wayside. A third aspect of EFT is that 'answers' will present themselves. It's like it opens a closed door to an answer, or as if the Universe is saying, "I was just waiting for you to ask!"

For example, I have been on various heart pills after having endocarditis in 2001. Slowly, but surely, with holistic healing modalities such as Regenesis, acupuncture, herbs, massage, and now EFT, I have been letting the pills go one at a time as the doctors noted my progress. One day I was thinking about a 'change of season soup' which is a combo of Chinese herbs. I knew it was in a tonic herb book I hadn't opened in about 6-7 years. When I found it, it opened to a page describing "Tien chi". Now I know a lot of Chinese herbs but I don't remember this one. It's description said it was a heart tonic; that it helped blood pressure, regulated the heart beat and generally increased longevity. I emailed my acupuncturist right away. She responded that Tien chi was for blood stagnation, and she wasn't sure I had that. Well, I muscle tested myself, stating..."I have blood stagnation". The test was strong. When I saw her the next time she checked my tongue and pulses and said, "yes, you do have blood stagnation", and put me on the herb with a number of other herbs to compliment it. The EFT was instrumental in opening the door (in this case opening the book to the right page!) to provide my next answer.
EFT does that. I would love to live by the ocean. It doesn't seem practical, and maybe even dangerous now, with global warming et al, but I am tapping for, "Even tho it doesn't seem practical and maybe even dangerous to live by the ocean now, and I probably can't afford it, I deeply and completely love and accept myself and I know that it can be done, safe, fun and easily"......we'll see what happens! At some point, if it's safe anywhere, I'll be typing up articles like this overlooking the Pacific ocean!

How to make 'The Secret' Work for You

*see "Freedom at Your Fingertips" - by Ron Ball with forward by Dr. Joseph Mercola.

While EFT has produced remarkable clinical results, it must still be considered to be in the experimental stage and thus practitioners and the public must take complete responsibility for their use of it. EFT has helped many people to make positive changes in their lives, but there is no guarantee they will work for you. It is not recommended substituting these techniques for the professional services of a doctor, psychologist or psychiatrist. Please consult your medical health professionals regarding their use.