"I have consulted with Pamela for about 8 months now and her work is truly life changing. While I am new to EFT work, I have experienced great results from it with other practitioners.  But when i work with Pamela, whether it is to resolve an issue regarding my personal life or career or health related even regarding my family, her intuition about zeroing in on the issues that are underlying are magical and right on! Each and every time  I have experienced a profound shift that has taken me to the next level of healing. I am so grateful for her expertise, guidance, knowledge of astrology, animal totems, and overall knowledge of the mind, body and spirit connection! "

~Ramana Vieira, singer, manager

"Thank you Pamela for tapping with me and helping me to push thru and deliver a empowering performance! Your support and guidance has helped me to be a more grounded and centered performer on stage and in the world. Thank you for your support you are truly a gift!"...Ramana

"I have a cockapoo who, before we got him, was kept inside a barn stall for the first four months of his life. He never saw grass, sunshine, anything, except a few people, a few dogs and a barn cat that would alternate sleeping with the various puppies. We rescued two of them, Norman and Stanley, and Stanley particularly, BARKED agressively at people, other dogs, patroled the fence line, barking at everything. He even barked at me if I looked differently like carrying a box or pile of laundry. We had been very bad about socializing either of them. My mom would take all four dogs with her when went somewhere but walking down a sidewalk with other people, or just having people over for visits, sent them into a panic. We couldn't catch them, they didn't listen. They wouldn'st stop barking. So I asked Pam for a surrogate script to use with them.

As soon as I received the EFT script for Stanley, the improvement in him was apparent immediately.  It was less than 24 hours before even my mother was commenting on how he really seemed to have calmed down and acted less fearful.  He sleeps better, doesn't bark at me when I come in from the garage like a  'headless monster' because I have a huge pile of laundry in front me.  He still does bark, and occasionally things that are new do still scare him, but he no longer stands just out of arms reach of a new person and barks incessantly.  He seems to finally have the confidence to know that if I tell him 'it's okay, this is so-and-so, he then will do the normal dog 'sniffing' introduction and then go about his day!  This change happened over night!!  We have been struggling with him since rescuing him at four months, trying to socialize him and expose him to different situations as much as we could, but he was always afraid.  He would run away, bark, and then not let anyone catch him.  Now he comes immediately when he's called, trusts us when we reassure that it's okay, and let's us catch him to leash him or pet him as if he's never had a problem!   EFT has already helped me and my family so much, it's so wonderful to see how quickly and effective EFT works for my dogs as well!!  Stanley is now a sweet, relaxed lump of love. :)....A. E., Cool, Ca.

"Wow! This EFT stuff is POWERFUL! 

My three year old daughter was a changed girl today at our friends' house!  I did the tapping before we left, and I told her to thump her collarbone point with her fist if she felt afraid and to say she 'didn't need to be afraid' while thumping.  So she tried it right then and there and said 'I'm not going to be afraid today!'.  And while she didn't jump out of my arms and run to start playing when we arrived, she did talk to the kids and the mom and played with them (somewhat) while I was nearby!  She was laughing and happy and sharing and almost talkative!  I couldn't believe it!   She never looked fearful or on the verge of tears.  She was her usual observant self but didn't melt down when the girls tried tickling her or wanted to give her toys.  She even sat at the table with the four other girls and didn't need to be on my lap - I just sat in a chair right next to her. 

It was a HUGE improvement.  She was happy and relaxed all morning.  She wasn't in her normal panic state where she couldn't speak because of fear.  She ATE- which for her was truly remarkable - an entire blueberry pancake, and she even asked for more butter and syrup!!   I was just so thrilled.  I mean, for her to be relaxed enough to play with a toy, or to talk about something she was thinking about - it was like she was a completely different child.  I can't thank you enough!" .....A.B., Cool, Ca.

Note: this little girl was born in 2005, in the Year of the Rooster, which is the animal archetype for the Kidneys....the emotions for the kidneys are fear seeking peace....Pam

"I have these two miserable and troublemaking neighbors who have no intention other than complaining about everyone and reporting them to the townhouse association, police, municipality, etc. They are both retired, alone and I assume, with nothing better to do. At first, when Pam gave me the tapping script for my neighbors, I wasn't sure that's what I wanted to be saying to myself. I really just wanted to call them a bitch and be done with it. It was probably the most difficult tapping I've done. But it's funny how this all works.

"One week they called the township because I had one weed that was larger than 12 inches. The next week, they called the police because my mini-dachshunds were barking while they were continuously trespassing back and forth on my lawn between their properties. I need to make a note that they both also have 2 dogs that bark that I don't report. They have been known to make trouble for everyone who has lived in this townhouse.

"I went to my attorney because they were making a continued documented case as if I was the trouble in the neighborhood. He said I had to address the letter, but I shouldn't attack her. I should question what she does for me during the day while I'm working at home to keep her own dogs quiet and why she honed in on a unique incident where they were responsible for the action. I also added that we obviously disagreed with how to resolve issues, since I had never thought of reporting them for their dogs barking before. Well .... needless to say ... she's been put in her place. The letter was very effective.

"I'm going to continue tapping, because oddly, after I wrote the letter, I thought about their reaction. The one woman wants me to move, but after all of this, she's going to move. She had a lot of surgery and is very overweight and has trouble walking. She has to get a one story house sooner than I think! She doesn't want to say she has to move because she's unhealthy, so she wanted a reason to move and she used me. The other woman has learned that her screaming grandchildren can serve as a reason for me to call the police. She too, has been quite silent since the letter. I'm going to continue tapping on these neighbors until they either move ... or become totally friendly. Thank you Pam ... for coming through, as usual, with more than I could've asked for". .... Respectfully, Debra Pearl

Note: It's often hard to tap and see our neighbors as unhappy, hurt people, striking out at others because of their own pain.....but tapping helps us to get a clearer perspective and approach it from a more loving space.....Pam

"I have known Ms. Pamela Powers for some years now. I first met her as a client, cleaning her home. The moment I first saw her face and stepped into her home, I immediately knew with all my being that God blessed me in that I met this special lady and had the good fortune to be in her home......which I always personally referred to as the perfect place for me to heal.

"A few years later she found out, through my mother-in-law that I had been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, and she wanted me to phone her...Wow! At this point I have seen her 4 times and each time I feel so blessed and I leave feeling beautiful, inside and out. Since my early childhood, I was overwhelmed, exhausted, tired and hurt. Throughout my adulthood I was nervous, worried, stressed, suffering chronic pain, inflammation and fatigue. I had frequent urination problems, irritable bowel syndrome and was going to settle for being on SSI forever and grin and bear it, and deal with all of this through my doctors and/or on my own. Not so - Not necessary!

"Approximately one month after working with Pam, I feel awesome, content, free, safe, successful and loved. I quit my job, and opened my own business. I feel like a 20 year old woman, although I am now 42. I know through seeing Pam as a friend and EFT practitioner, the future for me is the Sky is the Limit. For I am blessed and I am free. I had to release the pain so that I may live again. Anything is possible!"

           L.W., Benicia, California