60 year soap opera 'addiction' leaves as a side benefit of EFT

I've watched soap operas most of my life. Not the "nobody bother me my soap's on", type addiction where the world stopped during the day, but I've kept track of soaps in some way, shape or form since as long as I can remember. I even wrote a column in Soap Opera Digest at one time, and was in contact with about 1/3-1/2 the soap actors working in those years.

As I progressed deeper into EFT, I didn't connect it at the time, but I had become more and more dissatisfied with the storylines and the 'business' of soaps, which convolutes storylines and creates strange scenarios to twist things to their own advantage.

About 8 months ago, I decided to do some work on 'deep father wounding' on myself. I've developed a way to find a person's core, bottom line meridian; the one that will work for an individual regardless of the situation. For me, it's the stomach meridian, where we tap Under the Eyes. Every meridian has a duality of emotions, and the emotions of the stomach are neglect, cravings, feeling not good enough, anguish, feeling one doesn't deserve...and what the Chinese call, "deposed from office" or loss of identity....and even obsession/compulsion in the extreme. The positive emotions are content and fulfilled, deserving, nurtured.

I wrote a script incorporating EFT and hypnotherapy, focusing on 'deep father wounding' and using the stomach meridian words and emotions to help get me dig deep into the time and emotions of it more quickly. I did about 5 sessions with myself, utilizing EFT with creative visualization, looking at issues of neglect and losing identity of 'daughter'. I felt a certain sense of completion and stopped at 5 sessions to let it process. While I felt a shift had occurred, there were no real outward signs, until..... One day, as I was racing to get out the door, I stopped short and said "oops! I have to set the vcr for the soaps".....stared at the tv for a moment and said "no, I don't" ... left the house......and haven't watched a soap since....quit, cold turkey.

As I evaluated what happened later, I realized one of EFT's great side benefits is that it takes memories of isolated incidents and starts putting them together, making bigger and bigger patterns, putting the 'puzzle pieces' together, so to speak.

I remembered when I was about 5 years old, my mother came into the room where my grandmother and her friends and I were sitting around discussing the radio soaps. I remember her telling the story that she was aghast at how much I knew about these soaps at such a young age.

Then, as memories started to come together, I realized that while I was in the midst of this wounding, I must have snuggled up to my grandmother as she was listening to her soaps during the day.....and they became an emotional comfort that I relied on during those years to get through it.

Oh yes, I say that I watch actors act, and I like to be able to see an actor in a current role and know the history of their career starting in soaps, but I have to admit it was an emotional comfort, and while I don't consider myself an obsessive/compulsive personality, there was certainly a degree of it in this situation.

So, here I was, working on these issues of childhood, and as recognition that some deep shift had occurred, I just turned off the soaps one day and never returned....no 'withdrawals', no angst, nothing. Whatever that emotional comfort and need was.....I now was 'content and fulfilled' in some way, and it just left.

2008, Pamela Leigh Powers, all rights reserved.