I often worry about surrogate tapping. Tapping for others and producing tangible results makes me wonder if we're playing God.....yet if we're changing negative for positive, how can that be wrong? After much internal debate, the Universe provided an answer.

Do you remember the Rubik's cubes that were so popular many years ago? A six sided square, with 6 colors, one color on each side, yet we are able to twist and manipulate it so that the colors will all go askew and then the task is to get all the colors aligned once again?

Well, isn't that much like life? Life really is fair. It really is harmonious.....but somehow we twisted the metaphorical Rubik's cube one time too many.....and we've been trying to get it back ever since. I thought about that....I even noted that the colors are red, white, blue, green, yellow, and orange. The first 5 are the same as the 5 elements in the Chinese 5 element system on which acupuncture is based, plus orange, and orange has been denoted as the sexual color.

Rubik's cubeI started to muse that what if, many, many generations ago, one of our ancestors held a metaphorical Rubik's cube in their hand. Their lives were in order. All was harmonious. They marveled at this Rubik's cube life and it's perfection.... Looked at it's potential. And then moved it once - stepped outside the garden of eden if you will....and then moved it back to it's pristine state. Then they handed it down to the next generation, and they moved it a few times, (strayed from the perfection) and yet were able to move it back to square 1. And maybe it happened for another generation or two.....move it a few times, ie., get off the beaten path in our evolution and soul's growth.....and they were able to get it back.

Then, one generation moved it one time too many. Their foray into 'the woods' (the unknown and the unconscious), created a situation where they couldn't get it back to the original state. .....and each generation has been trying to get it back ever since.

So, if our lives are like a Rubik's cube, and EFT is a way to start moving those columns until we get the cube back to it's original state - analogous to the family matrix coming back into health and harmony, then maybe that's what we're here to do. And maybe it's a just calling. And maybe it's ok. We send the energy with light and love and it's the recipient's free will to accept it or not. We are all searching for love and connection, so I bet there are very few who are going to reject our loving intent.

We're not trying to twist the Rubik's cube out of alignment....we're trying to twist it back....and if we succeed with EFT, then how could that be wrong?

2008, Pamela Leigh Powers, all rights reserved.