Do you have questions about EFT? Do you have issues around how to start or what to say? Email me with your questions, and I will answer the most topical ones here. To start this off, I'm including a couple of answers I gave on the EFT forum:

Question: I'm a newbie and Getting frustrated - advice would be appreciated:

I work a lot with the Chinese meridian system, which acupuncture is based upon. The meridians are flows of energy that go up and down the body, and in EFT we're tapping on either the beginning or ends of them. They are named after organs of the body, and the organs respond to specific emotions. When we have an experience, good or bad, it just doesn't go willy nilly anywhere in the body......fear goes to the kidneys, frustration goes to the liver, rejection goes to the spleen, etc. So these emotions are really charged and using them in relation to the issue helps to move things more quickly.

In Touch for Health, I learned that the individual muscles are correlated to the meridians/organs/emotions. the back in itself (this person had a strained muscle in her back), speaks about experiences in the past. "Even tho something happened in the past, that I may have forgotten, but my body remembers.......etc....". that's one place to start.

Also, I find that there are core issues that almost everyone responds to regardless of what is going on. One is "deserve" and one is "guilt". Sometimes we get it in our head that we deserve the bad things that come about. So if that resonates, you could say "Even tho something in me says that I deserve this sprained muscle in my back....."tap a few times, and then change it to "Even tho I must feel I deserve this sprained back, is that true? Do I really deserve it? Is that something I just told myself? Or someone else told me? I surrender to it, I accept it as part of the past, but I forgive myself, my writings on my walls, my family and my ancestors, I release it and have gratitude that I can find the answer for this." and tap that as long as you feel called to do it.

Guilt is another thing altogether, at least for me. I can do the "Even tho" statements and love and accept myself on just about anything, but to say "Even tho I feel guilty about -----------, I deeply and completely love and accept myself".....that's a hard one, it's hard to forgive yourself when you feel guilty. And here again, was it guilt you should own? Parents, teachers, religions, governments motivate us and alter our behavior thru guilt...much of it is just for that purpose. So, "Even tho I may have something in my past (back) that I feel guilty about, I tap for insight and guidance to the cause, so I may set it free".....and then wait for the answer. Do you know which muscle is strained? we could narrow it down even further. Good luck, Pam

The muscle involved is the trapezius in the back

"The upper trapezius muscles are on the sides of the neck and they correspond to the kidneys...The animal is the Rooster, the emtion is fear, and we can see how the Rooster is always bopping its head around looking for danger!

The trapezius in the back relates to the Spleen. The animal is the Snake, the color is yellow and the element is earth. The Spleen is all about rejection vs approval. ...About wanting perfection and judging ourselves too hard. There can be the 'good girl' syndrome of trying to conform so as not to incur rejection. At the same time, the Snake energy can test and test and test, seeing where the line in the sand is, where people are going to reject - and it can be a self fulfilling prophecy. Spleen is about shame, and about secrets......using a play on words, the spleen 'secretes' insulin, so there are secrets that perhaps are known or not known that affect you. ....maybe a secret from the past (back) that still has power over you. It might be something that was withheld and you made assumptions, or as a child, had a different perception of it than it actually was. "Even tho I judge myself more harshly than even others do; even tho I want perfection and am decimated when I fall short...." "Even tho being the good girl has me tied up in knots and I'm not expressing my true nature"....

Spleen is also about disappointment. Because you seek perfection, you are bound to be disappointed a lot of the time (this is one of mine!). The opposite, interestingly, is gratitude. The more we can see the good in a situation, however imperfect, and however unpleasant, the more we release the disappointing energy. "Even tho this ------------ happened, I acknowledge it could have been worse, and I am grateful for that"....... Try whatever resonates and see what happens. Have a great day. Pam

How do I get to the root of my problem when it may have happened as a child?

Your body knows when and where the root of the problem is. Go there now. It's almost as simple as that. You have an issue, and you can say "it is my intent to go to the time of the root of the problem NOW", and be in that energy, knowing it is safe, and gentle to do so and you can jump out of it if it feels too uncomfortable. And if you do muscle testing you can test for "this was clear at birth' "this was clear at age 1" "this was clear at age 2", etc., until you get a change in your testing. From my Touch for Health days, I remember when we did that then we'd test for "it happened with an interaction with an adult"....."with a parent"....with "mom"...."with dad"....."with grandma"....etc til you get the right one. Then 'something s/he did" 'something s/he said" "something s/he should have done". Always make a statement, don't ask a question. Statements keep it in the right brain, while asking questions flip it into the left brain and puts it in the head, not the body.

Try this....when you have your picture taken, just before the shutter snaps, go to the happiest moment in your life.....you don't need to know when it happened, or where it happened, or who was with you.....just go to the happiest moment in your life.....and you'll automatically get a warm smile on your face and a feeling of love. Notice the difference when you take a picture this way, then the way we normally do. It's just a validation that the body knows where these memories are and can access them.

You seem to know kinesiology but without it, you can also do it visually in your mind's eye.....picture a teeter totter in your mind's eye, with a ball balanced in the middle and the intent is that if the answer is yes, the ball rolls to the right and if its no it rolls to the left....and then returns to the middle. . and then you state your intent, "go to the root of my problem" and then do the same as above "this was clear at birth" etc., and see which way the ball goes for each statement. If nothing else it gives you a jumping off point to get things underway. Good luck, Pam

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