How to Tap

It's easy to learn how to tap. At first, there may seem like a lot of points, but you'll find in short order that there's a natural order to it; the points moving down the face to the body to the hands. After a few trips around you'll have it down pat!

The first point is that "Karate Chop" point between the little finger and wrist on the side. We tap on that as we make our statement. "Even tho 'this is going on' I deeply and completely love and accept myself." and we continue thru our forgiveness statements. and then "this is merely a physical manifestation of a blocked emotional issue and I love myself faaaaaaaaaar too much to let it continue one second longer". (It's interesting to note that we're tapping near the heart and small intestine meridians; while we're stating our forgiveness intent we're tapping near the heart meridian, and also releasing victim energy.

Then when we go into our Tapping we start at the top of the head

#1 - Top of the Head: This point was added later on as Gary started working with acupuncturists. I've heard two versions for this point. One is the 6 meridians in the fingers are tapping the 12 meridians which meet at the top of the head...the other is that the yang meridians come together at the top of the head....either way it's getting to the source!

#2 - EB (Eye Brow) - Tapping between the eyes is interesting place to start the individual points, because it's tapping the Bladder meridian. The emotions about the Bladder are all about control. When we tap this point, it sort of shakes up the Bladder meridian for awhile, allowing us a better opportunity to let go of the control around this issue. The Bladder loves to override an issue so this gives us a nice place to start, with the Bladder meridian being more receptive.

#3 - SE (Sides of the Eyes) - This point gets two meridians - the gall bladder (where rage and betrayal reside) and the Triple Warmer which is a process not an organ, obviously, and it regulates heat in the body, and the emotions surround hope vs. hopelessness.

#4 - UE (Under Eyes) - Under the eyes catches the stomach meridian where we have a lot of issues with not having enough, obsessive/compulsive, greed, vs. content and fulfilled.

#5 - UN (Under Nose) - there are two general meridians. This one is called Governing, and starts here and goes unilaterally over the head and goes down the back; while the next one, Ch, below the lip or near the chin, is called Central, and goes unilaterally down the front. Essentially, governing is about the Past and Central is about stepping into the future.

#6 - Ch (Chin) - under the lips between them and the chin in the indentation. See above for description. Usually it's just as easy to tap the UN and Ch, above and below the lips at the same time.

#7 - By the ears - This point isn't in the standard list from EFT. This is the ending of the Small Intestine meridian, and while we catch it on the little finger on the other end, the Sm Intestine has to do with victim vs. victor, so I thought it was important to include; at least I do it in my tappings - of course it's optional if you want to stay with the true EFT points....but Gary seems quite open to incorporating new ideas.

#8 - CB (Collar Bone) - This point is in the middle of the chest, just down from the neck, where a man's tie is knotted. Technically, it's bilateral with the Kidney points on either side, for fear, seeking peace. Now, the new way we do it is to make a fist with one hand and thump in the middle between the two points and the vibration will get both. This is a great point if you're in public and fearful; just tap it.

#9 - BN (Below Nipple) - This point is below the nipple, on the "bra" line, and is not used much, because it's rather inconvenient for women in a public setting when Gary was doing the initial seminars/workshops. It's the Liver point for frustration, anger, and feeling oppressed. If it isn't convenient to tap, it is picked up by other meridians in its pattern (explanation at a later date). Certainly, not all the meridians have to be tapped for the process to be effective.

#10 - UA (Under Arm) - This point is 4" down from the arm pit and is the Spleen point, for rejection, seeking approval; judgement, perfection. Sometimes it's hard for full breasted women to reach across and tap, or hard to tap on the point with the same side fingers. An alternate point that I use, is there is a Spleen point in Touch for Health, which is on the ribcage, on the left side - as you start at the breastbone between the breasts on the ribcage, and move to the left, the point is on the curve 2-3" in; you'll find it, it'll probably be sore or tender. It's an alternate place to tap.

#11 - 5 fingers together - Initially, the protocol was to tap 4 of the 5 fingers at their ends, with 1-2 fingers of the other hand, but that kind of went by the wayside over the years. So, I thought, why not just tap the fingers together, thereby creating a loop in the circuit? In the picture of the hands above, it isn't really that accurate, but what I propose is that you have your wrists about 3-4" apart, and then tap each finger with the corresponding finger on the other side, all together - thumb to thumb, index to index, middle to middle, ring to ring, baby to baby fingers. .....sort of like your cogitating, or trying to think something thru....or waiting impatiently for someone. Tap 8-10 times or as much as you want. This is tapping 6 of the meridians to each other.

#12 - Clap wrist together - Towards the end of the dvd series, they added tapping the soft spot on the head (see #1) and tapping the wrists together, as if you were 'clapping' with them instead of your hands. This picks up the 6 meridians leaving the hands and going up/down the arms, depending on the meridian.

We've seen on subsequent dvds in the series, that Gary will sometimes just use key sequences and not use all the points, as he's found methods that are just as accurate and save time. As you proceed in your education of EFT, you may choose to follow Gary's short cuts, and find they are just as accurate, as if you've done the whole series. One can see we can leave out the liver point under the breast and it doesn't hurt anything at all.

copyright 2007 - Pamela Leigh Powers, all rights reserved.