I hadn't been to Hawaii in 5 years....and sort of wondered if I ever would see it again.

Well, it happened this past October.  My friend and I  went to Oahu for 9 days.  For someone who has never traveled much, there's such a satisfying feeling of being comfortable and familiar with  Waikiki and Kailua and basically knowing where I'm going.

While we were there, there was a typhoon hitting Japan, and the remnants messed up the tradewinds which left for the duration of our stay.  It was warmer than usual, and humid...not good for this Californian who only knows 'dry heat'. As the day drew nearer to leave Paradise and return home, we heard there was a hellacious storm heading for the San Francisco Bay Area where we live....the remnants of the typhoon.

I looked up on weather.com to see that heavy rain and high winds were expected at the time we were suppose to touch down in Oakland.  The transporter guy called and indicated the plane would probably be delayed since he was being drenched at the time of the call.  The night before I did some tapping for "Even tho there is suppose to be heavy wind and rain coming into Oakland, .....etc....I trust we will get in safely".  The next day weather.com said there would just be rain on touchdown.

Ok, so 9 days in Paradise was over and we made our way to the airport, anticipating we'd be sitting around for awhile.  As it happened, we went right through and got right on the plane, and left on time.

The pilot came on periodically, telling us about the weather in Oakland.....not good.  They decided to serve the food early so that everything could be secured and the attendants in their seat belts for the last hour and a half of the flight which portended to be turbulent.

Don't have to tell you,  I was getting nervous.  Just as we were being told that the last hour and a half getting into Oakland would be rough, my eyes rested on a phrase in the book I was reading.....  which was the EFT book on PTSD, and on page 92 my eyes fell on the lines, "anything is possible. " and "Miracles are happening now".  I tapped around ..."Even tho they say this plane ride is suppose to be turbulent and I'll be full of anxiety.....I choose to believe that anything is possible and miracles are happening now."....I did that more than several times, and then visualized each point lighting up and holding.

The hour of the 'hour and a half' coming in was smooth as it could be. In the last half hour the pilot said that something was catching up to us, like a strong wind, but we got barely a little bump. I would say there was less turbulence than I've ever felt on a Hawaii flight.

We landed a bit early - no circling the area interminably as in the past - our baggage actually came with us and didn't go to LA (smile)  - there wasn't a raindrop in sight. Our transporter was right there to pick us up. We had an uneventful ride home.

Our houses showed the effect of a wild storm, but we just rode the coattails of it in, and we had no more than a slight jostle here and there.

Did EFT help the situation?  No one can be sure, but the potential never materialized and we had a safe flight.

copyright 2009, Pamela Leigh Powers, all rights reserved.