Brief FAQS

1) You do not need to know anything about EFT to get started

2) You do not need to believe it will work for it to work

3) An oversimplified explanation of what EFT is: you use your finger(s) to tap on specific points around your face, torso and hands while tuning in to your issues and releasing the emotional charge on them

4) A personalized EFT 'script' has you tapping through the points while simultaneously reading aloud phrases that address specific concerns and issues

5) You can just as effectively tap for your children and your pets as you can yourself

6) I will show you how to tap and it really only takes a minute to tap through the short sequence

7) Emailing me for more information or to discuss your concerns, issues and/or needs is always FREE!! And there is NEVER any obligation to purchase any of my services

8) I will always be happy to email you a FREE standard tapping script so you can see what it's all about first

The following is the schedule of fees for clients out of my immediate area. Email for personal sessions.


Sometimes, when you make the decision to work with someone on a continuing basis, there's usually a crisis or a pattern of behavior that continually upsets you. You're mired in a situation where you need some constant connection for a few weeks til it all settles down. I decided, while the economy is in this state that I will offer it for flat fee of $150 a month, I can pretty much be 'on call' to email, talk by phone, Skype, write scripts, send short scripts on audio via email, to stay on top of things. For a maximum of 8 hours a month on my end....barring sudden illness or injury to me, of course!! And, this maximum is just a protection to me if someone tries to take advantage of it.

August 2015 - Well, I seem to have worked myself 'out of a job'. That's the quest. To see those i'm mentoring fly and not need me anymore. I have 3 openings at present for new clients. Email me click here to talk. (This fills up fast so if you're reading this down the road, email me to see if there's an opening).


This can be done by Skype, or by phone, or even by email. For Skype/phone, we will spend some time getting to the heart of the situation, then I'll give you a sample script to work on right there, and then I'll write out a more 'fleshed out' one for you to continue to tap on. My Skype address is: eftpam

I charge a sliding scale from $65 - $98 an hour + (if it goes over 5-10 min, ) In this economy I'm willing to work with you on what you can pay; knowing you'll respect my skills. Payment by PayPal or check. If you're set up with PayPal go to the site and click on "Send Money" and send it to acumind1@gmail.com. Add $2 for PayPal. Or send a check made out to Pamela Powers email me for address.


I have scripts available that are prewritten for a general audience that you can purchase for $9.99. Email me and ask. If I don't have it available already, it doesn't take much time to write up a new one. A list will be up shortly


If you'd like a personal script, send me your concerns by email, along with your birthdate - day, month, year, time and place. A script of 2-3 pages double spaced 12 point type for ease of reading is $25. A more involved script using more of your own personality and problems is $50 since there is additional time to interview to get the necessary in put with which to work.


If you have Adobe Reader, you can get a script with an audio connected so you can tap along with it. The audio is embedded in the pdf file. Add $10 to above rates.


Sometimes you don't know what to tap or how to tap or don't have the time. I can also do that for you. It's called 'surrogate tapping' and I can tap for you. Inquire for more details.

Email me and let's set up something that works for you!!


pumpkin flower "One of the things I want to tell you is that you are SO comforting to talk to! You have truly got that maternal, nurturing bedside manner that makes people like myself WANT to work with you. In a world where we seem to be surrounded by negativity, judgment and criticism from all sides, you're a soft place to fall!" - B.F.

"EFT...What's that?  My first response to a friend's recommendation...Yes, a little skeptical I'd say, however, I knew I had to do something to improove the way things in my life were heading.  I reached out, and WOW!  It has been an amazing transformation to see!  I began tapping for a surgery that was planned for myself, tapped for my personal life, as well as my son who was driving me CRAZY!!!!!  I was at a loss.
  PLP"Well, now, I can say my surgery has healed so quick and well that I returned to work a month before expected, I have found much peace within the storm of my personal life AND my son has made an amazing transformation in so many ways!  It works.  I am now a true believer and love to tell everyone I can about it!"...S.G.


I have a multitude of tools in my tool belt that I draw upon to write the scripts. I am a certified clinical hypnotherapist, Reiki Master Teacher, Touch for Health graduate and teacher thru ELB, EFT coach and minister. I worked extensively in sensory motor integration for a spell. I have a published book, "Chinese Power Animals - Archetypes of Transformation" and apply the Chinese animals (Year of the Dragon, etc) as archetypes of the meridians. Each person has a 4 animal totem, for the month, day, year and minute of birth, that taps us into the core emotions that each individual resonates to. Knowing the birth info helps me to see 'where you are coming from' to choose words that are meaningful to you.


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