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We have EFT group meetings every month in the Central Coast of California now. Join us at Meet Up or to the Facebook EFT page... for your Daily Tap

A New You - and Second Chakra

Last month we created a 30 day discipline of expressing forgiveness, acceptance and gratitude in our lives which has produced tremendous results. Join us to learn how to get in touch with your inner feelings, and tap into the emotions which are keeping you from accepting and forgiving yourSelf. 

We started a new feature, focusing on one chakra each meeting and finding, by muscle testing, how open/closed each chakra is, and what meridian and its emotions are keeping us embracing it completely open.  

We found it fascinating! We also discovered that the chakras correlate to meridians of the body we tap upon. The First chakra, for instance, is akin to the Kidney meridian. If you'd like to join us, I have an ebook I'm developing, and I can send you the pdf of what we did in the First Chakra to get you up to speed.

30 Days to a New You

We may focus on the tapping, but EFT is all about forgiveness, acceptance and gratitude.  Creating a 30 day discipline of expressing this in our lives will produce tremendous results. Join us to learn how to get in touch with your inner feelings, and tap into the emotions which are keeping you from accepting and forgiving yourSelf. 

We will also start a new feature, of focusing on one chakra each meeting and finding, by muscle testing, how open/closed each chakra is, and what meridian and its emotions are keeping us embracing it completely open.  

I am 100% Healthy...Not

How many of us can say we're 100% well?  Not many I suspect.  Are you tired of it?  Do you go from one thing wrong to another always worrying what it might be?  Whether you deal with illness all the time, have it crop up from time to time, or worry about major illness in the future, let's look at how we create illness.....and how we can create health instead    We'll learn how to muscle test in various ways. One will certainly work for you.  Then we'll see what our commitment is to perfect health, and what meridian/emotion is keeping that from happening. 

Money Woes? EFT to the Rescue

In this recession, money is even harder to come by. Let's look at our blocks to monetary success, and tap to bust the barriers that are in our way. Just because the world is having a hard time on a general basis, we don't have to be part of the have nots. 

"Great insight into my basic thoughts of my worthiness and what I deserve." - MH

Dieters Don't Win and Winners Don't Diet (c) -

Doing EFT and resolving issues, just naturally reduces desires for the food connected to them. Cravings leave all on their own. Since I've been doing EFT, I don't eat fast food anymore, I eat little meat, and I'm not called to eat greasy things. I did have my gall bladder out in 2008 but I seem to be able to process fat if I eat it. In the past if I was asked "If you could only eat one thing for the rest of your life, daily, drink one thing for the rest of your life, and it was healthy regardless, what would it be?" I would have said "A Burger King Whopper and a Pepsi". I didn't work on it, just with the EFT work I've done since 2004, I have no craving for it anymore. Looking to do this class again as well. It would need to be two classes, or maybe you'd like an ongoing group? Let me know...

Allergies, Allergies, Allergies.....

Allergy is defined as a substance that we are intolerant of that doesn't affect most people. It isn't the eggs or the peanuts or the strawberries, it's what we've connected to them. Clear the PTSD and the 'allergy' the food fades away. Looking to do this again. It would need to be at least two classes. It was just too much material for the one class we did last year. Once a month for two months? two, bi-weekly? two meetings on successive weekends? Tell me what works....

EFT 101

Once a year, I offer EFT 101 - the fundamentals of Emotional Freedom Techniques. When I put the material together I was amazed and a) what I had forgotten and b) how simple it was at the beginning. Now, we delve into emotions and traumatic experiences of the past to release them gently and effortlessly, but then it was "Even tho I have this headache, I deeply and completely love and accept myself" and then tap "this headache" all around...and then get a new number of the scale and if necessary "this remaining 2 headache".......and how often it just went away. Last week we worked with a student who had a knee pain, got the core emotion and did "this knee pain" and it went might come back, and more work would need to be done, but she was amazed and we were pleased! So, if you need a refresher course, or would just like to review, please join us. If you know of friends and family and acquaintances who have been interested in your EFT work, please pass along the info.

The weekend of the class(es) in February was a large storm, and many couldn't attend, so I'm looking to do it again this year. Let me know of your interest.

Tired of Being Depressed?...Tired of Being Sick?...Tired of Being Tired?

Emotions are a big component on why we feel ill....or depressed.....or sick....or tired....or allergic....the list goes on and on. In this, the regular monthly meeting, we're going to explore our feelings around being sick, and do some EFT for ourselves as well as "Borrowing Benefits" from the group to shift our experience to being well. As I watched Congresswoman Giffords miraculous recovery, I was thinking that probably really 'fries' Loughner, and it occurred to me that "Vibrant Health is the Best Revenge".....Maybe "Vibrant Health is the Best Reaction" would be a better phrase; but our reactions to our experiences and environment set the stage for our health as we go down this road of life. Join us....and bring a friend! learn how to live a Vibrantly Healthy Life! It's never too late!

Senior Moments

Let's make "Senior Moments" something positive! Join us to learn some holistic ways to keep the brain sharp, release regrets of the past, and forgive ourselves for taking til this age to do it. Whether you're a senior or plan to be one (!) this is the class for you!

Who Ate My Carrot? When Dreams are Dashed

Who Ate My Carrot? That reference goes back to.....donkeys, I think....who have a carrot strategically dangling in front of them from something like a fishing pole from their body, to entreat them to move forward or they wouldn't budge.

So, what is your carrot and who ate it and how are you going to get a new carrot or reestablish the old are you going to catch up with it and take a big satisfying bite and live that dream?????

Join us to use EFT to break those barriers and achieve your dream.

Small Business and Entrepreneurs - where are you stuck?

Let's start the new year by literally tapping into the blocks that keep you from moving into success.  What holds you back? Why can't you break thru that ceiling, glass or not?

Join a group to work together to bring each other success!

Hangups, Addictions and Habits

Habits, Addictions and Hangups. Whether it's food, or smokes, or relationships, or chewing our fingersnails, we have a lot of habits that can benefit from EFT. Bring your habits - (like you can't :) - and be prepared to release them. This works particularly well in a class setting, for we get borrowing benefits when we tap with/for others. Join us! It's been amazing the progress we've been making with our issues.

If You Died tomorrow what would you regret most not doing?

Interesting thought.....When you take your last breath, what will you regret most not doing? What fears have held you back? What didn't you risk doing? What family dynamics keep you from accomplishing what you'd like? In this class we're going to look at what we need to do NOW with EFT to break through those blocks and move out of our comfort zone, so that we can be more content with our lives. If our regrettable feelings concern something in the past that we didn't do, we can come to terms with it with EFT too. Tell your friends about this class and encourage them to come - you'll be glad you did!!

When Mommy Doesn't Love Me

Mother/child bonding is crucial to our development. The Orbitofrontal cortex in the brain needs that nurturing and stimulation to grow. When it doesn't receive it, we are more prone to trauma and PTSD. Sometimes mom was there and just not available. Sometimes she just wasn't there. Sometimes she just wasn't able to bond. Sometimes her own lack or being nurtured didn't give her skills and she followed her conditioning. In this class, we'll look at our mother issues, and use some EFT techniques to help clear these feelings of lack. Even if you have a great relationship with your mother, everyone can learn aspects of EFT that can be used in other areas.

" Even though I didn't think my issues weren't serious anymore I learned that a couple of them were and was able to tap it gone. There was even tapping from this session that I can use in surrogate tapping for a relative. So powerful! " ...Maggie

Relationship Issues????? EFT to the Rescue

Are you in a mess with your ex? Issues with Mom? Frustrated with your kids.....or the boss....or a coworker? Relationship issues resolve quite easily with EFT. With some change in perception and some surrogate tapping it's fascinating to watch things change. Join us and bring along an issue to work on. Sandi Radomski, the EFT allergy lady, has come up with a new concept of "Ask and Receive"....let's look at what she's doing EFT Master Carol Look also has a new concept she's promoting.......let's see what this new wrinkle is.

" I hadn't even realized that I had quite the relationship issue that I did & discussed at the meeting but it really helped. I also think that the borrowing benefits were huge. What amazed me the most was that the tapping also helped a LOT with my sore shoulder. I even told the Doc about it when I went in for physical therapy yesterday & he wants me to lend him my EFT Manual. Now I just need to motivate to tap daily. "...LM

"I feverishly used your book on my 4 1/2 hour commute down to VA and 5 hours on my return. What has really been getting on my nerves is that the minute I finally am home, I am put to work by "Bill". In other words, none of the cleaning or ironing or cooking or wash has been done. And, even if I'm zomboid from driving, he is eagerly waiting for me to cook dinner, many times with no food in the refrigerator because he also does not shop when I'm gone.

I have been angry for a long time that he does not appreciate me and takes me for granted. It was suggested to me to do less and see if he notices when I'm gone, but that did not work. It only seemed to give him fodder to complain that nothing has been done. The acknowledgement of me and my importance to him was never there in his statements. One particularly feverish day, I was getting dinner prepared and out of the blue, 'Bill' starts talking (which is another thing he usually does not do after a long day at work talking to people). He's mumbling a bit about people and talking about my dad and his needs then he says, 'I try to get people who don't need me at all to think they need me when I really need them .... like I do with you. You are perfectly fine without me, and things don't go right for me without you. I might say I can do things by myself, but I don't and I can't.'

He never reveals his own secrets. Or should I say, he never did until that day. He always irritatingly would say, 'I can do it myself. Don't worry about me. I'm perfectly capable of taking care of myself.' My jaw couldn't have fallen any further.

That day, he asked me if he could pay for my car to get fixed. He asked me if I needed money for some other things. And since then, he has been calling my home 'our home'. An interesting shift to say the least. Also, I would usually call him after my class at 10:00 p.m. and many times, he would be coming home from his friends who he plays music with and it would get me angry that he was out and I was working. So I decided that I would not call to see if he actually thought of me instead of me of him. He didn't miss a beat and I never said a word to him. He's been calling me on his way home in the car to tell me he's going 'home' (to our place) and talking all about his day (which he never would share), and things that he misses or things that he's uncomfortable with. He's sharing a lot more of his inner responses to circumstances in his life.

I am continuing to use the book as I do my commuting and will continue to report to you. It's been very helpful. Up until this point, I was mad at myself for allowing him to just make me his maid and servant. I was tapping that I had everything to do with it and I was part of it. But now, I also tap that I am every bit a part of his lack of communication and appreciation for what I do. It's not just the doing with expectation. So we will see what level this takes it.

Your book based on the class is a great work!"..... DH

Take Your Foot off the Brake....

...and put your pedal to the metal! We had a great class on the we're doing it again on the 26th! Are you keeping yourself from breaking out and accomplishing all you were meant to be? What's holding you back? First off, acknowledge you are where you want to be doing what you want to do.....or you wouldn't be doing it....that takes 'victim' energy out of it. Then, let's use EFT to jump in and break up those blocks to success. We'll look at the original triangle - mother, father, child - and relate it to the meridians we tap on and how to get to the nitty gritty of the energy.

June 26 - Earth Touch Healing arts - 10am-12pm - $15

" I was really surprised at what I learned. Still digesting... " ...MH

Why Your Feng Shui Consultation Didn't Work - and other blocks to success

For those who have had a consultation and those who haven' will be fascinating to see how this works. You spent a lot of money getting a feng shui consultation. You did some of the corrections and noticed the change.....but there were things you just didn't want to do. You had your justifications, and you wanted to do them, but they just didn't get done. You chose your home because it felt comfortable. It fit you like a glove; It expressed all your good points and bad points as well. It's the outer expression of you. As much as you want change, there's another part of you that doesn't. It would have been simple to put that yellow flower arrangement on the dining room table, but you just didn't do it. So, the reason your feng shui consultation didn't work on some levels was that it wasn't implemented completely.

Whether you've had a feng shui consultation or not, EFT can be used to help break down the barriers you have to making changes to your home and your life that will benefit you. Color is a primary component of Feng Shui, so we'll look at the color placement in the home and see what blocks need to be removed with EFT to allow you to make them.....and create the change you need to go forward in life.

" Brilliant! EFT with Feng Shui is creative and very effective! I have contemplated painting my front door red for years and never committed. After our meeting today, I can't wait to paint my front door the most vibrant fire engine red I can find! And I have color ideas for my house walls, too, based on the Ba gua. Thank you, Pamela, for your inspiring use of EFT!"... PK


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*Borrowing Benefits is a concept that came about as a by product of the EFT process. Therapists were tapping along with their clients and discovered that things in their own lives were changing as well. Many times we have similar things going on in our own lives where we can tap along, and sometimes our issues can be entirely different, yet they are shifted.