Pam Powers Hi! I'm Pamela Leigh Powers, and I am a certified clinical hypnotherapist. I developed my own body-mind process called "Acumind" - and I am a teacher of holistic practices. After a health set back in the early part of the new millennium (there is an earlier part?), I was searching for yet another piece of the puzzle for holistic healing. I had heard about EFT over the years, and now I could kick myself six ways to Sunday for not pursuing it earlier, but the 'teacher' comes along when the time is right. I watch the EFT dvds now and see Marilyn Gordon with whom I studied, Don Elium who wrote for my newspaper, and wished I had started when they did. But everyone has a certain path to follow, and mine has certainly been the one less traveled.

If we want to go waaaaay back, I wrote the astrology column in "Soap Opera Digest" from 1976-1981. I was the editor of a small newspaper in Clayton, California - The Clayton Valley Forum - from 1986-1989.

From 1988-1991, I published my own holistic health newspaper, 'Aquarius Rising'. This was a 16 page tab size paper for the San Francisco Bay Area. I published 20 issues. During that time, I interviewed many people about their specialties. I was drawn to learn Applied Kinesiology (muscle testing), via Touch for Health in the Energetic Life Balancing system. ELB has a 'recession' technique that is similar to hypnotherapy. Since I had been doing self-hypnosis for about 10 years, I enrolled and became a certified clinical hypnotherapist. Touch for Health is based, in part, on the acupuncture system of meridians - the flows of energy which go up and down the body which are named after organs of the body. I became more and more fascinated when I discovered these 'meridians' respond to core emotions as well as acupuncture needles. It became evident that one could use this knowledge in the hypnotherapy area as well.

I plunged in and learned about acupuncture and acupressure. From it, I developed my own technique, 'Acumind - Acupuncture of the Mind(TM)'. Using muscle testing to access the emotions, hypnotherapy to get in touch with the imbalance, and acupressure on the meridians to release it physically, it became a total mind-body process to facilitate change.

During the 90's, I worked at the Reunion Center in Pleasant Hill, teaching holistic studies and publishing their quarterly magazine. I also did the publication for Unity Center in Walnut Creek, and taught there. It was during this time that many of my ideas took form.

I started writing a book, which was published in 2000. The title is "Chinese Power Animals - Agents of Transformation" - whereby I discovered that the Chinese animals (Year of the Dog, Year of the Dragon, etc.) are also archetypes of the meridians. There is an animal for each organ of the body, and their predelictions mirror the functions and primary emotion of the organ/meridian they 'rule'. For example, the Rooster is the animal for the Kidneys. The primary emotion is fear vs peace; a subset is being heard because the kidneys affect hearing. The Rooster heralds the dawn and 'wakes us up' to what's going on around us. We have only to look at the childhood fairy tale of "Chicken Little" to see the fear factor. see book

Yet, it always seemed like something was missing. My acupuncturist suggested I look into EFT in 2004, and when I looked at the EFT website I realized I had downloaded the manual some years before. But, if the time wasn't right then, it is now, and I embrace this as the final piece of the puzzle, and the centerpoint of my focus.

I use hypnotherapy to compliment EFT, to visually see blocks melt, but EFT is the modality which does the work. We do not diagnose, we don't work on illness; we simply tap to release the emotions which are a significant part of the problem.

In the Chinese system of acupuncture they have a time of day wheel, whereby each organ of the body is strongest for a two hour period during the day. The organs, remember, respond to specific emotions, so using this wheel, we can 'cut to the chase' and find the bottom line belief systems that are holding you back from accomplishing all you want to in life, collapsing the usual time intensive.

I invite you to experience EFT and it's marvelous works by attending a master mind group, a class, or individual sessions. People are amazed how it gently releases emotional blocks which may have been around for a lifetime.

For a complimentary 20 minute consultation to see if EFT is for you, please email me below and we'll set up a date and time!

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