Tigger is an 8 year old cat who came to live with me on Dec. 28, '06. A friend of my daughter's was moving to Georgia and couldn't take him with them. My daughter picked him up with all his paraphanalia and brought him over to the house. He entered, 'meowing' up a storm. While my daughter went back to the car for the rest of his things I tapped for him and he settled down right away. When she got back, she let him out and he ran straight under the bed.....where we expected he would stay for about a week as he had done with the former owners. After my daughter left, I began tapping some more for him: "Even tho I'm in this new house and somebody unceremoniously dumped me off and I don't know what's going on, I deeply and completely accept myself - I'm an awesome cat!"....affirmations like that. It was only two hours later that he came out and started checking out his surroundings. Two days later I went to San Francisco to see a play and was gone all day. I was worried but I tapped for him at various times during the performance. When I got home everything was fine. Tigger has settled in well. An animal devotee friend of mine said, "it really must have helped, because cats usually don't transfer well". Hooray for EFT and Tigger's happy new home!


Boswell is a Peacock. My friend, Jim , who is a Regenesis holistic healer, has a peacock who adopted him. Jim has been feeding him and even provided a heating lamp outside to help him keep warm in the cold (!) California nights of late. Boswell even comes in his house once in awhile. He thinks electric cords are snakes and goes after them. But eventually he gets spooked over something and wants out....pronto!

There was what we would term a real freeze this past week, California style (Jan of 2007) and Jim was worried about him surviving. I did so well with Tigger, that I wondered what EFT might do for Boswell. I developed a tapping routine and said:

"Even tho I'm going against all my instincts in order to stay in the house and keep warm, I deeply and completely love myself and love Jim for trying to protect me. Even tho it goes against all my ancestors' instincts to stay free. Even tho I'm afraid he won't let me out in the morning or when I want to leave...Even tho I think I'll panic if I can't get out when I want to, I deeply and completely accept myself and love Jim for trying to protect me.

"Even tho I'm going against all my instincts, I'm going to accept Jim's invitation to stay inside - because I know he's doing what's best for me. It's getting too cold to be out at night here. I'm an East Indian bird who is used to warmth. I wouldn't know how to survive in such severe cold. I could try. But why, when I have this wonderful invitation? I have to trust that Jim is on my side and I can leave in the morning when it starts to warm up a bit. Even tho I'm afraid I'll panic in the morning, I deeply and completely love and accept myself and love and trust Jim will let me out. I can sleep in peace, knowing that I am safe from all predators."

...and HE DID! Jim spread newspapers all around the living room ( a necessity!) and cleared off his desk and put a sheet on it. At one point Boswell took the sheet off and climbed up on the desk and settled in for the night. In the morning Bos didn't bat an eye. He didn't flail around, and when Jim opened the sliding glass door and put his food and water outside, he got down from his perch and majestically walked out the door! I tapped twice while writing it and then about 3 times more, and Jim tapped 2-3 times. You have to feel the tapping was a major contributor to it!!!